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Welcome to Gestion Serge Tanguay

Notwitsdanting what could be found on research on Internet, Serge Tanguay is not a notary neither a lawyer. We do not provide any legal advice. Gestion Serge Tanguay is not a Trust Company notwithstanding what could be written in this site.


After many years working for Trust Companies, Serge Tanguay has decided to offer same services as Trust Companies to a less wealthy clientele, often left aside by said Trust Companies. I also have an MBA from University of Québec in Montréal and member of Trust Company Institute (TCI)

My mission is to humanise  services that my firm offers.

In Québec (amongst others) the elderly population is growing fast and will need more an more specialized services. While we offer certain services everywhere in this province, some services are offered mainly in the Greater Montréal region. We expect, nevertheless, if we have much request, to offer all services throughout Québec province

In Will Planning, for example, Province of Québec had, in 2006, more then 2 million people aged 60 +,  therefore approximately 25% of the total population. This percentage will grow in the future years.

The main services we offer:
Settlement of Estates, also named Agent for the Liquidator.
Audit of Liquidator work

Through our partners, we also offer appraisal of furnitures, work of Art, antiques and much more.


I am very thankful for your diligent work and super price.  No complaints here. Thanks again Serge and thank you for a job well done. 
Myron Hoffert


"There is no way I can write a short recommendation in praise of the services provided to us by Mr. Serge Tanguay. His knowledge and abilities in the handling of our mother's estate settlement was exceptional. He also has great insight to other related areas, such as wills and trusts. He was the only person who had clear and precise answers to our questions. He was always available to listen to our concerns and provide us with good advice. Also, the help from his associates was of great quality. I think that using the services of a smaller company greatly increased our satisfaction in the overall completion of this task. It was all brought down to a human level, exactly where it should be. "
Robert  Di Lalla