We should first admit that it is almost impossible that the same person could appraise everything.

We also have to consider that certain items could have an important value in one country and not in others. Example: a painting from a German artist and having a value of 1000 Euros could very well be difficult in the province of Québec. We could then say, therefore, that the market value, in a Québec context, could be less.

Very often, we encounter an item having a sentimental value. Unfortunately, therefore, the said item could have no market value. We have to understand this situation.

The same status apply for most items: furniture, work of Arts, arms etc.

My work consist, firstly, to determine if you have one or many items having an important value. I could appraise, for instance, Québec furniture and of some european countries but not furniture coming from India or China. When I have an item for which I am no knowledge, I then refer to other experts with whom I work.

As I mention very often, Arts does not travel easily. For instance, I like very much the work of the painter Marc-Aurèle Fortin but if I would try to sale his work in Argentina, I could very be deceived by the price I would get.

Naturally, certain items have a value almost everywhere. A painting from Van Gogh has the same value everywhere. Un piece of furniture having belong to Louis XV would have a value identical almost everywhere.

Upon death, the Civil Code request that every item having a value of $100 and more should be appraised. In order to do that, the Liquidator should get an inventory and appraisal with, as much as possible, photos of the items. Naturally, the Liquidator is most probably not aware of the value of items. The Liquidator could then request expertise from a person of a company having a good reputation in this domain of activity.

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate me. 

 My fees are $50 per hour. The fees of my other experts have to be negociated separately.