There are many types of trusts either legal form or accepted as such by the Taxation Authorities. Testamentary Trusts, inter-vivos and protection of assets are the most known and used.

Inter-vivos Trusts

These trusts are created during your lifetime either for yourself (under certain conditions) or another person.

The common language also includes in this type of trust the "assets protection" trust concept. It is necessary to take much care of the income tax situation for inter-vivos trusts. Reasons to create such trusts are multiples.

We invite you to contact Ms Marie-Laurence Brunet, lawyer at 514 326-4553 if:

1- You are self employed and have assets that you wish to protect from your creditors or in case of bankcrupt. Ex: construction contractors, health or legal professionnels and more.
2- You wish that your assets be protected in case of mental disease such as Alzheimer.
3- You wish to make a donation and gives specific instructions as to how manage and distribute your funds.
4- You wish to reduce taxation at the time of your death


Administration fee

An annual fee of 0.5% will be charged on the market value of asset of the said trust, subject to a minimum of $1.500.

Investment management fee

The investment management fee will be negotiated by the trustees with an external investment manager to be appointed by the said trustees. This fee is above the administration fee mentioned above.

Co-trustee(s) remuneration

Co-trustees remuneration is added to the firm remuneration mentioned above.