Often named “charity,” philanthropy involves planning and orientating charitable donations.

Through philanthropy, we can share our success with others, honour the memory of a loved one, or simply do good in the world. Philanthropy is not only for the wealthy: we can all take pride in supporting our community.

However, it is sometimes difficult to identify which philanthropic cause is closest to our heart. Should we support health care, education, social services, the environment, arts or culture? We cannot help everyone and every cause in the world.

Once we have identified our chosen cause, you must find the organization that best supports it. You also have to decide whether you want to help those who are closest to you  in a specific geographical area.

Donations come in many forms: in cash, in publicly trade securities, in immovables, in life insurance policy, or in a work of art. You can make a donation during your lifetime or through your Will.

You may think that the main reason to make a donation is to saving on our income taxes. Charitable donations are somewhat deductible from incomes taxes. But according to a recent survey, it seems that the most important reason to give back to society and to feel that we have helped.

If you wish to become a philanthropist either now or through your Will, you should contact your notary or lawyer.

We could assist you by suggesting a donation plan corresponding to your goals and finances.