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Estate sales

Whether you are the Liquidator or the agent for the Liquidator, it happens very often that the furniture and personal effects of the deceased, need to be sold. 

Our company could fix the asking price and organize the sale. The Liquidator or his (her) agent remain the sole person in charge and we act upon his (her) request.

We are performing sales throughout the Province of Québec.

In order to fix the asking price, we use comparables from auction sites, direct sales etc. If, ever, we can not find the fair price, we could then request the help of a professional appraiser.

We have our own list of persons interested in Estate sales and we also put publicity on Internet and local newspapers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Other information

As per Civil Code, the assets belong to the beneficiaries from time of death. It would be better, for the Liquidator, to get written authorization from the beneficiaries before selling the assets.

Any asset of a value of $100 and more should be appraised.

We have very competitive fee that vary depending of the services required. Please do not hesitate to request a quote. It is free!