Increasingly, people of all ages need advice about either their finances, their house, their Will, their Estate, their Income Taxes, etc…

Entourage services were first conceived to assist senior citizens. After more reflexion, we came to conclusion that this service could also be usefull to people of all ages.

Some Trust companies offer more or less equivalent service as we do, but only if they are managing your investments, in most cases. In consequences their fees could become quite expensive.

Our firm does not take care of investment management. We could, nevertheless:
  1. Revise your statement of accounts issued either by your broker, your investment manager in order to ascertain that you receive all your income, interest and dividends.
  2. Amalgamate your statements of accounts in order to facilitate the understanding and to ensure that your investment objectives are respected.
  3. Assure you that your investment objectives are adequate to your needs.

We very often see people investing in high risk stocks or even in prime stocks who are not even aware of the kind risk their investments are subject to. We believe that you should invest in assets that do not make you anxious.

We also:
  1. Make sure that all your invoices are paid from your bank account, that all of your income is deposited accordingly. We do not open any account in your name and we do not act as your attorney over any account, unless you ask us to.
  2. Prepare and file your Income Tax returns and your quaterly instalments.
  3. Sell or give, at your discretion, your furniture and personal effects if you have to leave your actual house to live in a senior residence
  4. Manage your house or apartment if you have to be absent.
  5. Do your grocery shopping if you are not able to do it yourself.

We undertake the engagement to meet you every three months or, at least, to contact you by phone or e-mail to ascertain that you are satisfied with our service.Fees

Administration fee

An annual fee of 0.5% will be charged on the average market value of the assets under administration with a minimum applicable of $1,500 annually. The fee is payable to Serge Tanguay

This fee includes all our services including preparation and filing of the annual Income Tax returns.